3motion invests in a completely automated zünd cutting and drilling machine

3motion invests in a completely automated zünd cutting and drilling machine

To support the current rapid growth, 3Motion has decided to contract ZÜND for a new cutting and drilling machine. This Swiss machine is really the state-of-the-art, creating the perfect combination between speed and precision.

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To support her rapid growth, 3Motion, a company located in Lokeren, recently invested in a fully automated Zünd G3 XL-3200 cutting and drilling machine. Thanks to the automated in- and output, the machine can be used 24 hours a day. This allows the company to get a much higher return without the cost of employees skyrocketing.

3Motion profiles itself mainly as a print company for large size printing and is active in several markets. They work, among others, as subcontractors, for printing companies, advertisement agencies, booth builders and so on. A short while ago the young company invested in the ¾ automated large size flatbed UV inkjet printer Inca Onset S20i. The purchase of the fully automated Zünd G3 XL-3200 cutting and drilling machine completes the picture. Now nothing prevents the further growth of this dynamic company

Process optimization

In the large size print industry, you still get a lot of manual work. Too much, according to Wouter Mouton, and easily avoidable. “As a manager, I am constantly looking at process optimization. By better aligning the different production processes, we don't only increase return but we also reduce errors. An important part of optimization is automation. The time we win through this automation can be used for other purposes so that we get more production from the shop floor with the same number of employees.”

Second machine was essential

3Motion already had a cutting and drilling table but the switching between drilling and cutting took too much time. These were also changes that had to made manually. Co-manager Gerd Mouton tells us the following: “The lack of automation on that machine often caused bottlenecks. Moreover, we realised that in the case of a disruption, production would grind to a halt. A second machine, the sooner the better, was simply essential. Despite the extra investment cost, it was selfevident that the new cutting table would be a fully automated one”.

Reading the QR code automatically

3Motion picked the Zünd G3 XL-3200 cutting and drilling machine for several reasons according to Wouter. “Zünd was the only supplier that could delivered a machine that was capable of automatically reading a QR code, containing all job information, that was printed along. This means the machine can really function without anyone around. In practise we just put a stack of different prints on the input table and the Zünd does everything else. It doesn't matter if things need to be cut, creased or drilled. The machine automatically changes tools that, by the way, are calibrated before each job, so the result is definitely good. Moreover, this machine is the fastest for the processing of honeycomb cardboard panels. The Zünd can make V cuts in different corners so the possibilities are nearly limitless.

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Saving time through automatic in- and output

A second reason for 3Motion's choice was speed. Gerd explains: “The same drilling job goes four times as fast on the Zünd as it does on the other table. And then I'm only talking about the time that the Zünd needs to cut / drill. Add to that the time won through the automatic in- and output and it gets even better. Now we only use the old drilling table to drill. That it takes a little longer and that the plates have to be put on and taken off manually isn't a problem because at the same time, the Zünd just keeps working. During the day we mainly do flexible jobs on the Zünd and in the evening we fill up the input table with routine work. It's such a kick when you arrive at the shop floor in the morning and all the cutting work is lying there ready.” “We used to have our hands full with the finishing,” concludes co-manager Femke Helon. “We often had to continue working in the weekend to get everything finished on time. Since we have the Zünd, this is no longer needed. This Swiss machine really is state-of-the-art, the perfect combination of speed, reliability and precision.A real recommendation.”

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