3motion invests in a second zünd cutting and milling machine

3motion invests in a second zünd cutting and milling machine

Due to rapid growth, 3Motion has decided to invest in a second Zünd cutting and milling machine.

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The growth of 3Motion, located in Lokeren, is so fast that the printing company invested in a second Zünd cutting and milling machine in less than one year. The new Zünd G3 3XL-3200 has an effective cutting size of 3200 mm on 3200 mm and as such is very suitable for the carrying out of complex assignments with a multitude of cut, mill and groove processes.

3Motion is profiling itself more and more as a creative printing partner for businesses. This specialization discerns the company from other vendors and offers added value to her customers. To fully support this creative ambition, 3Motion founded a new department within the company under the name “3Motion Lab”. This cell will function as a think tank for the imagining and developing of concepts in which a combination of the correct form, print and choice of material will offer clear commercial added value for the customer.

Notable applications

A material that is very well suited for such projects is honeycomb cardboard. Manager Wouter Mouton, explains: “Due to the light yet also sturdy structure, this material offers the possibility to work out many unique and notable applications. For example, we recently created a ping pong table with accompanying bats in honeycomb cardboard for use at a fair. It was a unbelievable crowd pleaser that could also be played perfectly. The light structure made transport very easy and the smart connections made the whole thing easy to assemble and disassemble so it can be used more than once.”

More cutting movements for creative work

Such constructions require many more cutting movements which made the existing machine unavailable for other work. Co-manager Gerd Mouton tells us the following: “Pancartes, banners and other such materials can easily and quickly be cut so the number of cutting movements is limited. For other constructions, such as the ping pong table, you notice that the cutting just takes a lot more time. We did have another machine but as we could only mill with it, that machine wasn't used often.”

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Systems are compatible

To replace the milling machine with the new Zünd machine that can both mill and cut, seemed to be the best solution. Wouter Mouton: “By doing this, we could optimize our workflow as there was no compatibility between the two systems before. You had to determine beforehand which machine would be used for a certain job but it it wasn't always that simple and straightforward in practise. Now all files are automatically processed in our workflow and we can decide at any moment on which system a job has to be finished. That flexibility not only saves us a lot of time but it also creates far less stress in the workspace”.

The machines that had been installed before, with automatic in and outruns, are now mainly used for large runs while the new G3 3XL-3200 is used for the cutting and milling of complex assignments with a multitude of cutting movements. A huge improvement, co-manager Femke Helon states. “With the new investment, we can respond even faster. That flexibility, together with our creative approach, is greatly appreciated by the businesses for which we work. See, and that's what we are doing it all for, right.”

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