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Unique design and design tailored to the customer

A unique structural and graphic design tailored to the client's needs and expectations, this is what our in-house studio guarantees. The efficiency and appeal of a display significantly increases the experience and satisfaction, decisive for a consumer when choosing between different products and brands. This is why we go the extra mile.


3Motion offers both digital and offset production capabilities. As a result, you are no longer bound by minimum quantities on the one hand as well as minimum lead times.

Handling & assembly

We have several teams that can assemble, fill and possibly place the displays on a pallet, provided with a sleeve (coiffe) with labels.


Your order will be delivered by our own services or our transport partner to any address. Partial deliveries or deliveries to different addresses are also perfectly possible.

For example, we can produce and manage your order completely from A to Z. In other words, after production, we fill the displays, place them on a pallet (according to your customer's specified dimensions) and deliver them to the point of sale.


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Some realizations

Packaging - Vicaris
Packaging - Liq
Packaging - Chimay
Packaging - Kartonnen packaging
Packaging - Gimber
Packaging - Gimber
Packaging - Carpist
Packaging - Ooja

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