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“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good” - Jochen Zeitz

We are green!

3Motion obtained the Certificate as a laureate of the VoKa Charter Sustainable Business in June 2022.

The result of a targeted action plan around corporate sustainability was successfully developed over the past year throughout the company.

This charter, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gives us a clear framework for both our already realised actions, but also for our long-term goals.

Some of our actions:
- Deploying renewable energy (solar panels, small wind turbines, energy storage battery)
- Reducing energy consumption (LED lamps with motion sensors, LED technology in our printers, efficient manufacturing, etc.)
- Greenguard inks only now - safe for operator and end customer
- Annual action tree planting (in Belgium or abroad)

Duurzaamheid 3Motion

Waste does not exist

We currently have eight different waste streams resulting from our production. Rest, paper, cardboard, PVC, foils, polypropene, dibond, metal and wood.

These are separated and collected with utmost care. A recycling flow has been worked out for each of these streams.

For example, our PVC sheets are reprocessed into outdoor furniture, our cardboard packaging is crushed and reused as padding for new packaging, banners are creatively processed into shopping bags and laptop bags, etc....

Duurzaamheid 3Motion- recycleren

Together we make a difference

We like to involve all our stakeholders in our sustainability story. From employee, to customer, to supplier, everyone has their part in the bigger picture.

Together with our employees, we go for less waste, more trees and a healthy lifestyle.

Together with our clients, we look for the best and most sustainable solution for each visual issue.

Our suppliers are challenged to always look for new ecological products.

Duurzaamheid 3motion- Bomenaanplanting

3Motion already has an extensive range of environmentally friendly products. These products are PVC free and have a minimal footprint. Here are some products:

Do you have any questions about our sustainable materials?

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