For the television programme 'Gert Last Year', we were asked to create a personalised 'Who is it?'  As a creative company, we found this a very fun and challenging assignment. We took care of both design and production.

The result can definitely be seen! A beautiful "Who is it?" produced from honeycomb cardboard and featuring the requisite famous headlines. Among others, Radja Naingolan, Bart De Wever, Tim from Temptation Island, etc.

During the last episode of the television programme, this game was also played effectively. Gert Verhulst and James Cooke took on guests Kat Kerckhofs, Tim Van Aelst and Niels Destadsbader.

Did you miss this episode and are still curious? You can rewatch the episode on FOUR's website. Interested in a personalised "Who is it?" Would you like to compete against your friends or family? Then email