New in our range, Recycled Polyprop!

This ecological alternative is our new standard from now on, for all polyprop applications. The material consists of 50% post-consumer recycled polypropylene. This sheet is 100% recyclable, PVC-free, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be printed recto verso.

The new product is part of a circular project together with Igepa Belux and Vanheede Group.

What happens to these plates in practice?
We receive these plates from Igepa in our warehouse, after which we print them for all kinds of applications. Remnants and surplus panels are sorted separately. This polyprop "waste" is regularly collected by Igepa at our premises and these are taken to Vanheede Group. There, the waste is processed into granules. These are then used as raw material for the new recycled polyprop sheets.

Watch the video about this sustainable product and the circular route of recycled polyprop sheets below!