"This has not escaped 3Motion's notice. Hence also, the purchase of a large-format 3D printer (Massivit 1800 Flagship)' is surely unique in the market. This printer gives 3Motion more opportunities to approach new markets and customers. Also, a perfect addition to expand the current range and creative image: for retail, events, and stand construction.

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3Motion and Digital Dot take 2019 off to a flying start

Both Vilvoorde-based Digital Dat and Zele-based 3Motion have already got off to a flying start with the start of the year. Digital Dot will host the demo space for Massivit 3D, manufacturer of the superfast large-format 3D printers. In turn, 3Motion is the first Belgian company to install the Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D printer.

Massivit 3D democenter near Brussels airport

Important news for Digital Dot is the agreement with Massivit 3D to host the Massivit 3D EMEA demo centre at their premises in Vilvoorde. The 160-sq m demo centre with reception, showroom and demonstration area was solemnly opened on 16 January. Sofie Demeyer, COO of Digital Dot, commented: ""Our relationship with Massivit 3D goes way back and it is quite an honour for us to host their EMEA demo centre on our premises. With our central European location and proximity to the national airport, it is definitely the perfect location to welcome potential customers within Massivit 3D's extensive European dealer network. In the demo area, visitors can test out the creative possibilities of 3D large-format printing for themselves and do so with both the Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer and the Massivit 1500 Exploration 3D Printer.

First Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer in Belgium at 3Motion

Another first is the installation at 3Motion of the first Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer in Belgium. Nico Desmedt, business manager of Digital Dot, explains: ""When we were appointed official distributor of Massivit 3D printers for the Benelux in late 2017, I immediately thought of 3Motion as a possible company to do something with this. We have been working together for quite some time and the creativity of these young wolves truly borders on the infinite. I then got them excited about the many application possibilities of the Massivit 3D printers, but an idea like this needs to mature a bit and should not be forced.""

Seed germinated

A year and many brainstorming sessions later, the ball was in the church. Wouter Mouton, co-manager of 3Motion, says: ""When Nico presented us with the Massivit 3D printer, our first reaction was that something like that didn't really fit within our product range. But the seed was planted and curious as we are, the idea slowly began to take shape. We realised more and more that this machine did fit within the picture because we are always looking for new applications and challenges to convey the customer's message. It would also be an added bonus as a door opener to get into certain companies.""

Possibilities virtually unlimited

The more the 3Motion team thought about this, the more applications came to mind. Gerd Mouton, brother of Wouter and co-manager at 3Motion, explains: ""What partly won us over was the tremendous speed of the printer and its ability to print the most complex shapes. With a build speed of up to 35 cm/hour, you will have printed a life-size object 180 cm high in less than six hours. Thanks to UV gel printing technology, where the gel cures immediately after laying down, you can easily make horizontal bridges of up to 20 cm without internal support. All this makes the number of applications virtually unlimited.""

3D creation is different discipline

Slightly less obvious is the creation of 3D objects. Co-founder Femke Helon explains, ""Whereas we initially thought our creativity staff would easily pick this up, it turns out this is a different discipline. Just because you are a crack at Adobe Illustrator doesn't mean you will pick this up overnight. Hence, we have taken some specialists on board for this purpose. These people have the necessary experience with 3D graphics software and can get straight to work designing and printing all kinds of figures in 3D. We are already eager to unleash our creativity on this. Look, the 3D market is coming anyway and we want to be a trendsetter and reference in this!"""